Marino was born on the 19th of July 1976 in Ostend.

As a young fellow he made the backyard unsafe while riding the BMX with his brother.
Making a nice track to have a good ride with his bike, was a piece of cake for him.
Father and mother Vanhoenacker watched it and knew that the backyard had to be race-territory.
From then on he was under the spell of cycling.

After finishing highschool he had to make a choice.
To make further studies or focusing on his sport?
Marino chose for the both.
He graduated as a dietician and meantime he practised duatlon.
Just in the last year of his studies he learned to swim!

Not long after his first launch in the water he switched from duatlon to triathlon.
He catched the taste immediately; in 1997 he first entered a 1/4 triathlon.

In the beginning of his triathloncareer Marino worked as a fitnessinstructor, in combination with his sport off course.
That is how he met his girlfriend Elke, she was his boss!
And wonder by wonder, Elke also was bitten by the triathlonmicrobe. She even survived a full Ironman.

Marino couldn't stay behind, in 2001 he entered for the first time at an Ironman.
He joined Ironman Florida and even became 5th!
Not bad for a first Ironman experience...

In the summer of 2003 Marino had bad luck at the WC Long Distance in Denmark, he had to give up the race.
Girlfriend Elke, meanwhile 8 months pregnant, stayed at home in Bruges and watched it with sadness.
The baby felt that mummy was sad and decided she wanted to come out of mummy's tummy.
Daddy Bink rushed to get home, but he was too late, Jirte had been to quick!
After a few hours daddy Bink came tired but very happy in the hospital and could finally hold his beautifull girl in his arms.

But off course, the triathlon season didn't wait, soon came the Ironman of Hawaii.
Marino started full of courage but during the race he met the man with the hammer.
Still he finished as number 54.

His first Ironman victory came in Florida 2005, a dazzling performance!
And that's how the craving for another Ironman triumph came...
In the summer of 2006 Marino won his second Ironman, the Ironman of Austria.
After skipping Hawaii for a year Marino decided to enter again at the mother of all triathlons.
This time the man with the hammer stayed at home and Marino became 6th.

The 2007 season was even stronger with another win in Ironman Austria and a 5th place in Hawaii.

In 2008 Marino won Bruges, Antwerp 70.3 and Ironman Austria.
It was his 4th Ironman-victory.

In 2009 Marino won Ironman South-Africa, Ironman Austria and Ironman 70.3 Antwerp. He became second at the 70.3 at St. Pölten.

In 2010 Marino will enter at 3 Ironmans.

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